Product categories

Fire Safety

The Siterwell GS series Stand-alone detectors (alarm) all have high quality sensors to detect different kinds of dangers. We can produce according to the following standards: Q-label, BSI, UL, VDS, BOSEC, LPCB and NF certificate EN14604. Well installed and well-maintained detectors are the most effective and affordable way to give an early warning when a fire starts. The Siterwell GS series include smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, gas detectors, water detectors, heat detectors and smoke/CO combination detectors. This serie is widely sold in the European and American market.

Smart Home

Siterwell smart home turns your house into a connected platform. The use of network communication-, automatic control- and audio and video technology to integrate your household efficiently.

We produce our assortment to improve the safety and comfort in and outside your home and to protect the environment in an energy saving living way. With smart home devices you can use an application on your smartphone or tablet to control certain functions, such as the air conditioning of your living room, the volume of your TV, the temperature of the refrigerator and your lighting. With smart home you can adjust this and many more to your needs.


The accessory serie consists of fire blankets that will extinguish small fires and magnetic plates for your smoke detector that makes it easy to install without drilling a hole in your ceiling. This saves you time and money. The GS581 spray tester is used to test detectors/alarms. This spray has passed through the ROHS/REACH/TRA test. The accessory range offers more optional choices for Siterwell detectors and fire-resistant systems.