About us

Who are we?

We are proud to be part of Siterwell International, one of the world’s largest smart (smoke) safety producers with its own sophisticated research and development department. Siterwell International is continuously showing double figure growth in both Asia and Europe and is one of the most influential Chinese entrepreneurs in the market of international alarm security devices.

Siterwell International is developing very fast and is going to relocate into a bigger factory in February 2018. Where we expand to a whopping 60.000m2 with a total of approximately 1.050 employees.

What do we do?

The behaviour of consumers is continuously changing. The goal of CoSa Connects is to use consumer insights to enable all business units to function optimally and future-oriented. We are a company that eliminates the boundaries between certification companies and various public authorities and opens up new opportunities. We are known as the dome under which collaboration takes place, not only with our own people but also with external partners. We connect people to enable a fluent business.

How do we do it?

The added value for the consumer consists of more unique, complete customer experiences and more comfort and convenience in and around the house. Also for the (r)e-tailers we offer added value. We can give feedback about the products where improvement is needed or inform the customer which products are required in the assortment. We link this valuable information back to Siterwell International so the research and development department can implement the changes.

Our focus lies on the Siterwell International categories, which mainly includes smart home kits, fire safety detectors and security accessories. Moreover, CoSa Connects and Siterwell International aim to expand the comfort zone of the end user. We are expanding our attention towards connected comfort and safety for in and around the house. We connect China and Europe.

With who?

Anyone who is looking for products in these categories can contact us. Whether it concerns your own designs or designs that comes from a catalogue. With our team of 100 engineers in the R&D department and approximately 25 software professionals, we can create it for you!

Get in touch with CoSa Connects and Siterwell International.